Mix And Match Upholstered Dining Chairs For A Fun Dining Space

When it comes to dining chairs and their upholstery, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Upholstered dining chairs can match or highlight the décor of any dining space, which makes them worth their price.

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Shapes and style

From rustic to traditional, vintage to modern, elegant to minimalist, there is a wealth of styles to choose from. Although round-back and square-back chairs are the most popular options, arched-back, camelback, and wingback chairs are just as suitable to lend your dining space a classic look. Molded chairs are your best bet if utmost comfort at the dinner table is your main concern, since their seat is shaped to fit the contours of the human body.

Shapes and style of upholstered Chairs
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Aside from shapes, colors, and materials, the difference between vintage and modern is in the details, or in their lack thereof: modern looks are minimalist, while vintage styles are all about the details: a look that is both elegant and vintage is easily obtained with a slightly curved chair on wood legs and textured upholstery with tufted buttons.

A chair does not have to be too intricate to exude elegance, though; a sturdy square-back chair with a finely carved frame and upholstered in velvet can be a sophisticated piece of furniture that requires no further details to make it stand out.

Moreover, a vintage style room can be improved greatly with a set of weathered wood chairs, but if your aim is to give your dining area a truly unique atmosphere, try a set of handmade chairs.

Legs and frame material

molded upholstered dining Chairs
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Plastic, metal and wooden sets are the most common options nowadays, each with its own particularities. Wooden chairs are reminiscent of bygone times and can infuse either a sophisticated or a romantic feel to the dining room, while plastic and metal chairs are more in tune with the contemporary. And if you’re looking for something that is half-way between vintage and modern, molded chairs are a great candidate for a retro look.

Their seats and frames are rather minimalist, but there is always an accent of color or material that enhances the chair and makes it even more aesthetically pleasing.

Upholstery colors and fabric

Upholstery colors and fabric
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Bold colors like fuchsia and merlot red border on modernism and timeless sophistication, depending on the frame, shape and size of each chair, while ecru and olive green upholstery suits better a classic décor.

The best part about colors in the dining space is that you are free to settle on a dominant color and play with the subdominant hues, but remember that colors do not always have to match. In fact, vibrant upholstery colors and hues are a great way to complement and spruce up neutral walls and furniture.

Upholstery can be made from velvet, tuft, linen, viscose, polyester, or microfiber, but usually manufacturers employ a mix of these materials. The dominant fabric will likely influence the ultimate look of the chair, though; for example, a mainly tuft upholstery can lend any chair a vintage look.

Mixing and matching

Mixing and matching Upholstered Dining Chairs
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Many times, the same chair model can be bought with or without a corresponding fabric. If you are more of a DIYer and mixing styles is your thing, consider buying items with removable upholstery; this way, you can alternate plain chairs with upholstered dining chairs, or you can switch fabrics so that your chairs match a specific theme you might have one evening around the dining table.

Upholstery colors and fabric for dining chair
Upholstery dinning room chair fabric

For example, dark wood vintage rustic chairs look just as good without any upholstery, but if you want to tone down the rustic atmosphere, try alternating these with chairs upholstered in a soft color that is easy on the eye.

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