Wedding Chair Cover Ideas

Got a particular vision for your big wedding day?

Feeling clueless about the actual decor? Small details make the difference, as well as the big detail – the actual theme. When it comes to the elements that can influence one theme or another, chair covers represent some of the most obvious ideas. They require special attention only because there are plenty of them, so they can seriously impact the environment. From this point of view, keep an eye for wedding chair cover ideas and make sure that whatever you choose can match your style.

Color matching Wedding Chair CoverPhoto credits: confettidaydreams

Color matching

Color matching is probably the most important element. Assuming that you know what the dominant color will be, there are countless nuances at your disposal. What really matters is to stick to the theme and compliment the venue. Fall themes are associated with rusty colors, such as brown, beige or dark red.

Summer flower themes work along with lively colors. Sure, you can just as well opt for butterflies, fruits, the world and so on. As long as the venue is capable to support the theme requirements, finding wedding chair cover ideas should not be a problem. Materials and sizes play an important role in the process too, but they are not as relevant as the actual details.

Rainbow ribbons WEdding chair cover

Photo Credits: Greenweddingshoes

Rainbow ribbons

They work perfectly with light colored wedding chair covers. This model is quite attractive if you are interested in a colorful summer related theme.

Obviously, these wedding chair cover ideas should match the flowers around the reception venue. Bridesmaids should also respect the theme, not to mention the bride’s floral bouquet. The more colorful the floral arrangements are, the better.

Overlays wedding chair cover

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Overlays may also make some great wedding chair cover ideas. Basically, chair covers can be simplistic and elegant, but they may also draw some attention with overlay designs.

Make sure that the overlays are not classic. Give them a tempt of craziness. Opt for angular fabric and set the overlays diagonally. When it comes to the main chairs, it is worth opting for a different texture or color, only to draw some attention toward the bride and groom.

artful pashminas Wedding chair coverPhoto Credits: Trishadean

Planning an outdoor wedding?

Styles and necessities are a bit different, so they change a little. Unless the weather is really hot, chances are evenings will feel a bit cool. As not everyone will dance continuously to stay warm, you might want to give the “lazy” guests something to feel comfortable with.

Purple makes a great choice for outdoor wedding themes, for example. As for wedding chair cover ideas, get these covered wrapped in some artful pashminas – something between stylish thin shawls and thick materials.

In conclusion, there are hundreds or even thousands of wedding chair cover ideas. Use your imagination and creativity, but you can just as well check out bride magazines and websites. Just make sure that once you find a good looking style, it actually matches your wedding theme and venue. Do not appreciate it for seeing it at another wedding or in a different decor, but try to imagine it in your own theme.

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