How to choose a good office chair?

Comfortable and spine-friendly office chair plays an important role both in your home office or at work. Chair, besides the desk, should be the most important thing in your office. If your work is strictly sedentary you should pay a lot of attention to picking a proper chair for your office. Don’t save money on your chair. Prolonged sitting on a cheap / inappropriate chair can quickly lead to back pain and other serious problems later in life.

Ergonomic office chair has the following key elements

A quality office chair should have a rotating base with the possibility of tilt, adjustable backrest and adjustable handles – recliner.

Office chair

Office chair

All other elements / accessories on your desk or around it should be reachable from your chair, at an angle of up to 45 degrees.

When picking a chair you should also pay attention that there is sufficient distance between your feet and the frame of the chair. There should also be enough space / distance between the back side of your knee and the end of the “sitting surface” of your office chair.

Orthopedic chair or a therapeutic ball?

Therapeutic ball is recommended by doctors for those who have back problems. It is the best way of seating for people with back issues. The ball will force the user to sit with proper posture while at the same time it will help you to strengthen your abdominal and back muscles.

Orthopedic chairs are close to sitting on a therapeutic ball. Getting used to the correct posture will be, for most people, initially very difficult but sooner or later you will find an appropriate posture in which your spine does not suffer anymore. Orthopedic surgeons recommend the orthopedic chairs (for example SpinaliS chairs) to people who suffer from back pain, especially to those who sit for 6 hours or more. This is one of the preventive measures to reduce back problems.

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