Spruce Up Your Living Room With The Right Living Room Chairs

Some people dream of a formal living room, others of a casual, warm place, but the right living room chairs are essential to infuse life into the space and invite family and guests to take a seat. So, whether you choose wood or metal framing, sophisticated upholstery, a fun floral print, or no fabric at all for your living room chairs, remember it is all about the versatility of these items.

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Timeless elegance

Wingback Living Room chairs

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Wingback chairs add a touch of elegance without being truly vintage. While they are great for relaxation, these chairs have that classic look that they infuse throughout the living area.

Although bulkier, chairs with a deep cushioned seat are the perfect mix between modern and classic, whereas a rattan chair without any upholstery gives off a rustic, yet stylish look.

Don’t shy away from colors
Neutral colors For Living Room Chairs

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Neutral colors are a safe bet when it comes to matching the style and color range of a living room that is already decorated, but if you really want to liven up your living area, a colorful mixed print chair is the best way to go. You can either place one in a corner to accent that side of the room, or buy them in sets and spread them around the dinner table or any other part of the living room, and see it come alive.

However, if what you are trying to do is give your living room a major makeover, a more affordable option to replacing all furniture is purchasing several chairs with fun colorful upholstery. Mixed prints bring variety and versatility to any room, and enable you to play around with colors; to exemplify, you can match the colors on the upholstery with those on throw pillows, and your living room will acquire a completely different look than before. Similarly, if there are not that many colors on your mixed prints, but they are rich in patterns instead, try to match these with the patterns on the throw pillows; the aim here is to create balance and not make your living room tiring to watch.

Accents Chairs

Accents Living Room Chairs With Recliners


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Recliners make great accent chairs, and the overstuffed models can turn your living room into a casually looking space. Without compromising on design quality, newer models are also smaller so that they won’t take up that much floor space and fit perfectly into an apartment living room.

Tufted or covered in leather, some chairs not only recline, but also elevate so that you can get as cozy and comfortable as possible. Recliners can truly complement a tranquil corner in the living room, whether it is by the fireplace or next to a generous window where you can soak up the sun or read your favorite book unhindered.

Balancing textures and colors

Balancing textures and colors with your living room chairs

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A perfect mix between contemporary and mid-century, an accent molded chair set is a stylish choice, with their glossy, matte, or slightly textured finish. Their wooden legs reinforced with metal accents provide support and are decorative at the same time; for example, a light colored wood frame goes well with deep black cross beams and a classic white seating.

Another great addition to a living room can be a tufted chaise lounger with simple lines and chrome legs that makes ingenious use of not only different textures, but also of space.

No matter the type of chair, leg finish is also important; for example, a dark wood frame can elegantly match a light beige or other neutrally colored upholstery, while an espresso leg finish goes along great with patterns and other motifs on the upholstery, including brightly colored ones. Moreover, some living room chairs can be bought together with other matching items, like futons and ottomans, so that visual balance is easily achieved.

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