How to Restore Leather Seats

Whether it be in the car or in the home, there’s no denying that leather seats look absolutely fantastic. That being said, over time, they can show signs of wear. They start to look a little less sophisticated as they become worn, which isn’t something you want. Thankfully, it is possible to restore leather seats back to their former glory.

In this article, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about restoring leather seats and making them look great again.

Choosing a Product

Before you begin to treat any chair, you’ll need to make a decision as to the right product you need for that chair. The product you choose largely depends on the type of wear on your chair. Choosing the wrong product could only lead to more damage to the chair.

worn leather chair

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Scuff treatment

The first and one of the most popular products is standard scuff treatment. This is generally used for smoothing out areas of leather that might have been scuffed or cracked. If there’s a small little mark on your leather seat or a series of marks, you might be able to use scuff treatment to simply buff out these marks. It’s pretty easy to use and apply, plus you’ll be able to leave the rest of the leather chair well alone.

Leather dye

Leather dye should be used if the chair as a whole has become discolored. Over time, chairs do lose their original color and the best product to treat this is leather dye. You’ll need to make sure that you match the dye color with the color of the leather on the chair. Failing to do this could discolor the chair even further.

Leather conditioner

The final major product for restoring leather seats is leather conditioner. This product is typically used after either scuff treatment or leather dye have been applied. It is used to seal in the dye and protect the seat from scuffing and cracking more in the future.

Applying the Treatment

Once you’ve chosen the correct product, you’ll want to apply the treatment to your leather seat. Most products contain detailed instructions as to how that particular product on the bottle, but generally speaking, the first step is to always clean the surface of seat as a whole or the affected area.

Typically a wet sponge will clean away any dirt, but you may need a light scrubbing bush to get it out. If you’re simply using a scuff treatment, you can simply apply this by scrubbing it into the affected area with a brush. Leave it to sit for around five minutes.

Leather dye and leather conditioners are usually applied through a spray bottle that can either be applied to the chair as a whole or a small affected area. It’s a good idea to treat the chair in portions and leave each area to dry before you move on to the next area. In some places, you may need to apply multiple coatings in order to fully treat the chair.

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