Get Creative With Contemporary Dining Room Chairs

Whether metal or wood, the best thing about plain dining chairs is that they can be customized in many different ways. That is why contemporary dining chairs are so interesting and popular.

You can fit them with chair pads or cushions, wrap them around in bows, or have them upholstered in colorful prints of sunflowers and other motifs, tropical designs, patterns like polka dots, etc. While bright upholstery colors and espresso finished wooden legs contrast nicely, warm woods and light colored frames are the ones that give off a truly contemporary vibe. The choice of fabric, texture and color is all yours, though, so these chairs provide the perfect opportunity to be creative and show off your style at the dinner table.

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Themes For Dining Room

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Themes make dining spaces more inviting, and are an opportunity to show off your creativity. For instance, a fall-themed dining room can become truly spectacular when you contrast dining chairs in natural wood colors and a matching natural stone table top with a set of bright red chairs reminiscent of the color of fall leaves. Along with a properly decorated table top, the brightly colored chairs create an unexpected, yet marvelous effect, and are bound to liven up any table setting.

Moreover, it is worth investing in items that can be customized with relative ease to keep up with your themes. An example is the camelback wicker chair, because its otherwise rustic look can be toned down by wrapping an elegant bow at the back of the chair, in a color that will match the chair pad and contrast the chair itself at the same time. This way, you can switch from rustic to sophisticated in no time and without spending a small fortune on new furniture, either.

From vintage to contemporary

Vintage Elements in your Dining Room

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Plain iron chairs, both with and without arms, come in many styles ranging from traditional to modern. Their minimalist lines and neutral colors match easily any color scheme or décor, and can infuse the entire dining area with a contemporary feel. Similarly, chairs with removable upholstery provide a contemporary, yet elegant look.

Molded chairs also manage to enhance their contemporary minimalist design with retro accents of metal and color. Made for comfort from ergonomic fiberglass or plastic, these chairs come in various finishes and have wooden legs reinforced with metal accent bars for both support and aesthetic purposes.

Extra dining seats

Extra dining seats in your dining room

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Accent chairs are great additions to most dining areas, no matter if they are molded chairs or fancy stools. In fact, for a casual contemporary look, chair-height stools are another great option as long as they are enhanced with rich details like wood legs that are twist turned.

Accent chairs are also great when you need to add extra seats around the dining table without unbalancing the overall style of the room, especially if the colors or patterns on the upholstery match those of the mainstay chairs. However, since accent chairs can be used in any room, it is important to check that their dimensions are appropriate for your dinner table, as well as for your other dining chairs.

Practical matters

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Since dining chairs are meant to be used frequently, the materials must be high quality so that the chair can stand at least several months of regular use. Aside from a sturdy frame, look for upholstered seating filled with high density foam, or for a chair with a built-in, thick cushion if you want it to last long and be truly comfortable. Furthermore, to maximize the space in your home and enhance the practical side of these chairs, try picking ones that are lightweight and that work equally well in the dining room as in the living room.

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